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Are you fit?
Are you vital?
Do you feel good?
Do you look good?
Are you having fun?

Often we don't stop and think about our own definitions of the elements above before we answer yes or no to those questions.

It's all about you, so let's collaborate on a plan to reach your definition of your best self! Our first conversation is free, so call or text today!

- MK

How did you spend your pandemic hibernation? I got sick and recovered. Three times. Here are a couple of fun, brief videos showing how I basically fed myself to health again. (So far I still have no sense of smell.)

Hey: while you're at it follow me on YouTube. Just give this a click and when you are on my YouTube page hit "Subscribe". Just do it. Look: don't be a schmuck, just do it okay?

Before the craziness of the pandemic hit I started the year trying to defy my inhibitions my clothes off. Check out my Instagram feed below. I hope to do more shoots like those. If I can get back in shape and lose my pandemic pudge--my covid 19. And what the heck while you're at it, follow me on Instagram too

Call or text:+1(646)450-6191

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